Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Achievements of HG Bishop Daniel

By the blessings of HG Bishop Daniel, the following Churches have been opened from 2002-2008 in NSW:

1. St. Mary and St. John the Beloved Church in Wagga Wagga (Purchased)
2. St. Mary and St. George Church in Newcastle (Purchased)
3. St John the Baptist and St. Elijah the Prophet Church in Dubbo (Purchased)
4. St. Moses the Mighty, St. Maximous and St. Domadious Church in Goulburn (Purchased)
5. St. Abraam and Father Mikhail El-Beheiry Church in Peakhurst (Purchased)
6. St Barbara and Abu Nofer the Hermit Church in Campbelltown (Purchased)
7. St. Mary and St. Sidhom Bishay Church in Dural (Purchased)
8. St. Mary and St Marina Church in Penrith (Purchased)
9. St. Mary, St. Cozman and St. Dimian Church in Harris Park (Leased)

Churches in QLD
1. St. Mark and St. George Church, North Brisbane (Purchased)
2. The Four Incorporeal Creatures Church, Bribie Island (Purchased)

Churches in Affiliated Regions
1. St. Mary, St. Moses the Mighty and St. Takla Hemanout Church, Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia) [Leased]

Churches in South East Asia
1. St. George Church, Japan (Leased)
2. St. Mark Church, Singapore (Leased)
3. St. Mark and St. George Church, Thailand (Leased)
4. St. Thomas Church, Hong Kong (Leased)
5. St. Mary and Archangel Michael Church, Guangzhou, China (Leased)
6. St. Mary and St. Mark Church, Malaysia (Leased)
7. St. James the Apostle Orphanage in Sanghklaburi, Thailand (Purchased)
8. St. Mary Church, South Korea

1. Through the Lord's Grace, 440 acres were purchased in the State of Queensland to establish the St. Mary and St. Anthony Monastery. On the 2nd of December, 2008 the Council approved the proposed project.

The Mission of Evangelism:
1. The Ministry in Bribie Island in the State of Queensland:
Through the Lord's Grace a house with a Church was purchased on the 24th March, 2006 with an area of 3307m² for the sum of AUD$330,000. The Church was named The Four Incorporeal Creatures Church. This Church serves the Aboriginal Australians. After four-years of service, 62 Australians were baptised. The regular service comprises confessions, Vespers prayers, and once a month a Divine Mass. Through the Lord's blessings His Grace Bishop Daniel ordained Deacon Athanasious a Priest under the name of Rev. Fr. James Scully on 26th December, 2008. Present also were His Grace Bishop Ashi'a, Bishop of Tahta.

2. The Kingdom of Thailand in Asia and Sanghklapuri
Through the Lord's Grace, in March 2004, the Sydney Churches purchased a house with a Church in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand the area of which is 650m² for the sum of AUD$120,000. The Church was named St. Mark and St. George Church. As a result of the perseverance and continuous monthly service by the Priests of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney, up to now 108 Thai have been baptized. Also the ministry extended to the suburbs to the town of Sanghklapuri which is 6 hours drive from Bangkok. A house on a block of land was converted into a Church on the 22nd March 2004, the area of which is 5.5 acres for the sum of AUD$230,000. In addition to the Church an orphanage was established. The Church was named St. James the Apostle. As a result of the regular service 50 Sanghklapureans were baptized.

There is a regular service: A monthly Mass in Bangkok and a Mass every two months in Sanghklapuri.

3. Japan
We have St. George Church in Tokyo, Japan. The first Japanese family with five family members: Parents and three sons were baptized on the 6th March, 2005 by H.G. Bishop Daniel, in his visit to Japan. During his visit with Very Rev. Fr. Tadros Simon (Vicar General of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney) to Japan, His Grace officiated two weddings.

4. Singapore
We have St. Mark Church in Singapore, where there are ten Coptic families. Another five Singaporeans were baptized and through the Lord's grace, we are now members of the Singaporean Council of Churches.

5. Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, we have St. Thomas Church. We were officially recognized as a Coptic Orthodox Church by the Government in Hong Kong. We are now members of the Hong Kong Council of Churches.

6. China
In Guangzhou we have a leased Church in the name of St. Mary and Archangel Michael Church. A monthly Mass is served, and through the Lord's Grace, the first Chinese family was baptized. His Grace visited the Guangzhou State in China a few times and prayed several Masses there.

7. Malaysia
In Malaysia, we have St. Mary and St. Mark Church. Through God's Grace, a Priest from another denomination joined our Church. In preparation for his ordination as Priest, he attended lectures in the Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox Theological College in Sydney for a period of three months. He was baptized and ordained a Priest by the name of Father Joseph Sim. He serves with zeal and loves the Coptic Orthodox Church. Up to now five Malaysians have been baptized.

8. South Korea
In South Korea, we have the St. Mary Church. There are five Coptic Orthodox families with permanent residency. Among them was one who married a Chinese lady after she was baptized in the mother Church.

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